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The Pumpkin Patch by PrinceDementia The Pumpkin Patch :iconprincedementia:PrinceDementia 0 0 Story Arc 2: Halloween by PrinceDementia Story Arc 2: Halloween :iconprincedementia:PrinceDementia 0 0 Castle Layout by PrinceDementia Castle Layout :iconprincedementia:PrinceDementia 1 0 Houses of the Nobility by PrinceDementia Houses of the Nobility :iconprincedementia:PrinceDementia 0 0 Menu Screen by PrinceDementia Menu Screen :iconprincedementia:PrinceDementia 0 0 Story Arc 1 Overview by PrinceDementia Story Arc 1 Overview :iconprincedementia:PrinceDementia 0 0 Map by PrinceDementia Map :iconprincedementia:PrinceDementia 0 0 Insidiously Blessed AllInOne by PrinceDementia Insidiously Blessed AllInOne :iconprincedementia:PrinceDementia 0 0 Prince Dementia AllInOne by PrinceDementia Prince Dementia AllInOne :iconprincedementia:PrinceDementia 0 0 IB Concept Art by PrinceDementia IB Concept Art :iconprincedementia:PrinceDementia 2 0
Insidiously Blessed
Prince Dementia slept soundly in his bed until a flash of light crept through his eyelids. It awoke him and nothing but the night greeted him. The windows were gloriously shaded and the light shone in through them like a beacon of gloom from the moon. Prince Dementia became disenchanted by the circumstance and attempted to fall back asleep. Then his name was yelled into his face by the tiny, petite Peg the Faerie. When the name of his was called out by the unbeknownst voice he flew into a panic, let out a feminine holler, and pulled the blankets over his startled, pale, and stiff body.
By this time Catherine had reached her pistol and was pointing it at Peg. “Why is this necessary?” She asked, unamused.
Peg tried explaining to them, “The time has come for you to prove your worth at last!” The two humans in the room were confused by the excited tone of her voice.
The Prince came out from his blanket shield. “What is this talk?” He demanded to know.
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The Second Lieutenant: The Red Lion
Victor returned to the fork in the hallway where he’d made his decision to turn left from the prison. This time he chose the other path. He had made the deduction that this would lead him to the other guardian the faerie Peg told him of. The first minion he did combat with tested his ingenuity and raw power, as well as adaptability. What the next challenge was that awaited him Victor could only speculate on. As he walked the marble and stone walk he contemplated this, all the while being on his utmost guard against the horrors this wicked castle had been known to deal out to him. The corridor ended and a large gate blocked his path. It was unlocked just as the prison door was so Victor knew he was expected. He was outside again and took a few steps on the sand before he noticed this area looked like a barracks. There were tents and fires alit which filled the air with the smell of smoke and cooked meat. In front of Victor was a stone staircase leading up to a large and decorative
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The 1st Lieutenant:Ten Thousand Black Horse Skulls
Courage was all that this quest needed; that and the skill to adapt to any circumstance and to kill things that could easily mangle and toss a human body hither and thither. Victor would have no problems with the first requirement but that happened to be the quality that mattered the least. The prison door was unlocked, which made Victor feel uneasy and think that maybe the hosts of this castle were expecting him. That was something he has sensed from the beginning of this misadventure. Beyond the prison door was a long marble hallway. This dark corridor would be a sight he needed to become accustomed to for it went on a while. The silence troubled him most. If these forces wanted him so badly why were they not coming at him from all sides? Victor reached a fork in the hallway and decided to go left. Many graphic paintings hung on the walls. They were of men being burned alive. That scenery made Victor feel like increasing his pace. When he did, the men in the paintings climbed out of
:iconprincedementia:PrinceDementia 0 0
With his newfound awakenings Victor was prepared to carry out a fruitful and passionate life away from turmoil and conflict. He would have been much better off to brace for the adverse. When he strolled into the breathtaking city, excitement overcame him and he immediately began making friends and settled in. That lasted for about a week, for a very large French-speaking army was about to invade. Victor had obtained a job working at an inn whose owner was a kind old man with a strikingly radiant daughter. Victor did not speak the language of the Italians very well but he was a quick learner and swiftly familiarized himself on how to get by in the city of his dreams. He began courting the innkeeper’s daughter and they became fast romantic items. Her name was Celia. There was finally the serenity Victor was looking for in his heart and mind. Then he heard the gunshots.
Victor was in the middle of tidying up the inn when he heard the crackling gunpowder in the distance. He beckoned
:iconprincedementia:PrinceDementia 1 0
Prince Dementia found the hut in the deep woods. He had been seeking this witch for some time and his Gypsy connections had at last made good on their arrangement to find her for the Prince. Fearless, he opened the wooden door and found her over her kettle.
“To think I expected anything else.” He whispered to himself. The witch was old, ugly, and dressed in a black robe. No pointy hat, however, as the Prince had hoped to see.
She turned to him, not startled in the least bit by his intrusion. “You’re here for something?” She asked, her alleged foresight failing her.
“That I am.” The Prince quickly replied, not letting on his true intensions just yet. He walked around the den touching a few trinkets and vials of creepy looking liquids, then ‘accidentally’ knocking over some of them. “OH! I’m sorry about that. I was wondering though…” He sat down on a wicker chair, putting his feet up on the small table in front
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Prince Dementia by PrinceDementia Prince Dementia :iconprincedementia:PrinceDementia 0 0


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The Pumpkin Patch
Hey, I love a good trot through the pumpkin patch, and apparently I'm not alone. I hear the Minotaur is an avid botanist and the Giant Raven enjoys building tree houses.
Story Arc 2: Halloween
The setup complete with a terrible drawing of a giant pumpkin fighting Prince Dementia (free of charge).
Castle Layout
A taste of the inside. Home sweet humble abode that often harbors uninvited hostile guests who rarely leave with their lives.
Houses of the Nobility
Level 1. Ah the sweet feeling of striking down traitors. Especially when they're sad spoiled whine bags. One of 'em's a vampyre, two get their asses kicked, and in one instance a noble is thrown into his own fireplace and his screams and facial expression of agony are displayed in the chimney smoke above his mansion. If that isn't wholesome family fun I don't know what is. Throw in some goblins and skeletons and you got yourself a Prince Dementia fiesta.
Menu Screen
Got a nice little mug to look at for this one. I'm sure a view like this is familiar to a lot of viewers. As you can see the page is pretty blank yet, but rest your tender hearts for updates will follow.
Accompanying this journal is a load of concept art from my 2d open world horror action adventure game that I'm developing. I strongly believe it's a great way to explore the lore and fantasy of Prince Dementia, as well as further solidifying overall story construction. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I'm enjoying the heatwave February 18 granted us, and a happy 242nd birthday to the man himself.


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United States
In the abandoned Dacian lands of the Balkan Peninsula, we're all about the party here.


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